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52 Open When Letters for Long Distance Relationships

Long-distance relationships require a lot of effort to work, and open-when letters are a great way to keep your partner feeling loved and appreciated, even from miles away. An open-when letter can be used for various occasions, like a bad day at work, a celebration, or just a moment when they need to be assured of your love. In this blog post, we will share with you 52 open-letter ideas that can help you keep your long-distance relationship strong and healthy.

Open When Letters Ideas

Open when you’re feeling sad: Include a letter of encouragement, a playlist of uplifting songs, or their favorite movie.

Open when you miss me: Add in a photo album, a cuddly toy, or a letter with your perfume sprayed on it.

Open when you need a laugh: Include a funny meme or a joke, a video of you making silly faces, a list of reasons why you love them, or stories that you know will brighten your partner’s day and lift their mood up.

Open when you’re celebrating something: Add in a small gift, or make a banner with happy messages.

Open when you’re feeling bored: Throw in some crossword puzzles, coloring book pages, or a DIY kit.

Open when you’re having a bad day: Include words of comfort, a book recommendation, or their favorite comfort food recipe.

Open when you need a reminder of my love: Write them a love letter, include some of your favorite photographs together, or a bracelet.

Open when you need some motivation: Add in a quote book, a motivational speech, or a photo of something that you know inspires them.

Open when you need some me-time: Encourage them to take some alone time and take care of themselves. Include some self-care products that you know they enjoy, like a face mask or a bath bomb.

Open for our anniversary: Send a reminder of why your partner fell in love with you, or something significant from your relationship like a ticket stub from your first movie date.

Open when it’s your birthday: Even if you can’t be there in person on their special day, make sure they feel extra special by including some virtual birthday treats to pass the day.

Open when you need to know how much I love you: Make a list of all the things that you love about them or include a poem or song you wrote about them.

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Open when you’re worried about us: Assure them of your commitment, a list of your plans for the future, or a letter about your shared dreams.

Open when you’re feeling lonely: Send a picture of yourself holding up a message like “I love you” or “I am thinking of you always” or include a well-worn t-shirt you just wore.

Open when you need a boost of confidence: Encourage them by reminding them of their strengths, celebrate their accomplishments or include tips on how to become more confident.

Open when you’re feeling nostalgic: Share memories together including photos, past love letters, or a mixtape of songs you both love.

Open when you’re feeling homesick: Add in a souvenir from your city, a postcard from your visits, or a special letter from your family members.

Open when you’re feeling jealous: Remind them of how special they are to you, a list of things that you love about them, or an explanation about why they have nothing to worry about.

Open when you need some music: Send a playlist of your favorite songs, record yourself singing a duet song, or go all out and send an instrument that they have been wanting to learn how to play.

Open when you’re feeling scared: Include inspiring quotes, some calming music, or a unique bracelet they can wear for good luck.

Open when you are in need of a virtual date night: Schedule a special virtual date night, add in some snacks and drinks, set the lighting to create a romantic ambiance, play games together, and watch a movie.

Open when you need to hear a cute story: Tell them about your day, send them an old photo of yourself, or record a voice message telling them something special and heartwarming.

Open when you’re feeling overwhelmed: Encourage them to take a break, add in a fun worksheet or coloring book page, or recommend guided meditation.

Open when you are in the mood to try a new recipe: Send a recipe of your root beer float or chocolate cake, or recordings of you narrating the recipe to them.

Open when you’re feeling grateful: Write about all the things you are grateful for, or all the things your partner has done for you that you truly appreciate.

Open when you’re feeling lost: Reassure them of your love and commitment, recommend some helpful books or self-development activities, or add in a special photo of you both together.

Open when you’re feeling misunderstood: Write them a letter, tell your side of the story, and encourage them to talk about how they feel or recommend a podcast focused on relationship communication.

Open when you need to have some fun together: Send a silly picture of yourself or compile a list of fun things you can do together in your next visit.

Open when you’re feeling hungry: Recommend your favorite restaurants for their next visit, include a recipe of their favorite meal, or suggest a web class on how to cook something new.

Open when you’re feeling creative: Send some craft supplies to them, or make a creative video or picture and send it over.

Open when you need to relax: Recommend a relaxing activity for them to try, like a nature walk, or include a simple puzzle, or recommend a relaxing audiobook or meditation session.

Open when you need to feel validated: Encourage them to express their feelings, share an inspirational quote or book to help them feel better.

Open when you’re feeling stressed: Send calming activities like drawing prompts, or meditation prompts, and something to chew on like gum or some other stress relief snack.

Open when you’re feeling annoyed: Encourage taking whatever is bothering them in stride with uplifting quotes and inspiring quotes to remain positive and hopeful.

Open when you’re feeling flirtatious: Leave a note that has a small challenge for the day or a small prompt for a fun activity and send it to them.

Open when you need motivation to finish a project: Include words of wisdom, quotes from authors and artists who inspire you, and add a promise to support them to completion.

Open when you’re feeling unmotivated: Remind them of all the things they have accomplished, add in a motivational video, and remind them that they need to trust the process.

Open when you need to remember something important: Share something small and special that is always meaningful to you and encourage them to keep it close in their heart too.

Open when you’re feeling proud of yourself: Send a happy meme a motivating song, or share stories of personal growth.

Open when you’re feeling in need of a good hug: You can use this letter to fill the gap of physical touch. Encourage your partner to hold the letter close to their chest and feel the warmth of your embrace.

Open when you feel like you’re in a creative rut: Share a personal anecdote of how you broke out of your creative rut, or suggest a website of prompts to help inspire them.

Open when you need a break: Recommend some fun self-care activities like taking a hot bath or watching a favorite movie, or encourage them to go out and treat themselves to a fancy dinner.

Open when you feel like giving up: Sometimes, long-distance relationships can feel impossible. In this letter, inspire your partner to keep pushing through the challenging times.

Open when you want to remember our love story: Tell the story of how you two first met or any other fond memories that remind you both of your love for each other.

Open when you are sick: Remind your partner of how much you care about them and how much you wish you could be there to nurse them back to health.

Open when you need a reminder of things to look forward to: Write a letter filled with all the exciting plans you have as a couple and look forward to before you’re reunited.

Final Thoughts

Being in a long-distance relationship is not easy, whether you’ve just started dating or have been together for years. But often, these difficulties help couples grow closer as they navigate distance together. Using these open when letters can help to strengthen your bond and show your partner that you’re there for them even when you’re not physically present.

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