Signs he will never make you his girlfriend

13 Signs He Will Never Make You His Girlfriend

For anyone in the dating game, it can be tricky to figure out if the person you’re seeing is really interested in a long-term relationship with you. Sometimes it can feel like you’re the only one putting in any effort while they seem perfectly content to keep things casual. If you’re starting to get the feeling that your guy isn’t really looking for a serious commitment, there are some signs you can look out for. In this article, we will share the top signs he will never ask you out.

How long until he asks me to be his girlfriend?

Ah, the age-old question that runs through the minds of countless women: How long until he asks me to be his girlfriend? It’s a delicate balance of wanting to let him make the first move but not wanting to wait around forever. Everyone’s timeline is different, but if you’re feeling antsy, it never hurts to discuss where both of you see the relationship going. And if his answer isn’t quite what you were hoping for, it’s up to you to decide if you’re willing to wait a little longer or if it’s time to cut your losses and move on. If you’re wondering how long until he asks you to be his girlfriend, there are a few signs to look out for that can give you a clue.

Is He Really Into You? Signs He Will Never Make You His Girlfriend

We have compiled a list of signs suggesting he isn’t planning on taking things to the next level anytime soon – so save yourself from unnecessary heartbreak and watch for these warning signs.

1. He’s Still Active on Dating Apps

Dating can be complicated, especially in the age of technology. You think you’ve found someone you really connect with, but then you start to notice they’re still active on dating apps. It’s not an uncommon occurrence, but it can leave you wondering if this person is serious about a relationship with you. If he’s still swiping and messaging potential matches while also seeing you, it might be a sign that he’s not ready to commit fully. When someone is serious about pursuing a relationship, they delete their dating profiles and focus on building a connection with their partner.

2. He Avoids Talking About the Future

Does he always find a way to change the subject when you bring up the future of your relationship? If he can’t handle discussions about where things are going, that’s a clear sign he’s not emotionally invested in the relationship and he doesn’t want anything serious with you. When someone is interested in building a future with you, they’ll want to discuss things like where they see themselves in a few years and what their goals are. Of course, it’s always possible he’s just not ready for a commitment right now, but if he refuses to even talk about it, that’s a red flag. There’s a good chance he’s not thinking long-term.

3. He Only Sees You When It’s Convenient for Him

If you’re always making plans, and he only sees you when it’s convenient for him, you’re not a priority. A man who is serious about pursuing a relationship will make time for you, even if it means sacrificing other things.

4. He’s Not Affectionate With You in Public

While public displays of affection aren’t for everyone, if your partner avoids holding your hand or being affectionate with you in public, it might mean that he’s not committed to the relationship. When someone is invested in a relationship, they want to show their partner that they care, even in public.


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5. He’s Not Interested in Meeting Your Friends or Family

It’s okay to want your partner to see you in all aspects of your life, including with your closest friends and family. It shows that you care about them and are willing to let them in on the part of your life that’s important to you. But if your partner keeps you away from their inner circle, it can be a red flag that something may be off. Remember, you deserve to be with someone who wants to share their life with you and fully integrate you into it.

6. He Doesn’t Make an Effort to Get to Know Kou

If you’re feeling like he is just not asking you anything about your day, your hobbies, your passions, or your dreams, it can sometimes seem like they don’t care. But let me tell you; it’s not you; it’s them. When someone truly wants you, they want to know all about you – your quirks, your fears, your successes, and your failures. They want to know what makes you tick and what puts a smile on your face. If your partner doesn’t ask you questions about your life or your interests, it’s a sign that he’s not interested in getting to know you as a person.

7. He’s Always Too Busy

Everyone has a busy life, but if your guy always seems too swamped to make time for you, that’s a problem. If he can’t make an effort to see you, he’s not interested in making the investment of time and energy that a relationship requires. Don’t waste your time waiting around for a man who doesn’t value yours.

8. You’re Always The One Reaching Out First

Do you find yourself always calling, texting, or initiating dates? If a man is really interested, he’ll want to be around you as much as possible. If your guy never reaches out first or seems to need a lot of prodding to make plans with you, it’s probably because he’s just not that into you.


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9. He’s Still Looking Around

If a man is really into you, he won’t be looking for other options. If you catch him flirting with other women, chances are he isn’t serious about you. A man who’s genuinely interested in forming a relationship will want to focus his attention on you alone.

10. He’s Still Talking to His Ex

Have you been in a situation where your partner is still in touch with their ex-girlfriend? If yes, you might be wondering what it means for your relationship. Well, according to relationship experts, If he’s still in regular contact with his ex-girlfriend, it’s a sign that he’s not truly over his past relationship. It’s normal to have fond memories of past relationships, but if he can’t let go of his ex and continues to communicate with her, it’s clear that he’s not emotionally ready to commit to someone new. Don’t brush off your instincts.

11. He Only Wants to Hang Out Late at Night

If he only reaches out to you late at night or after he’s been out with his friends, it may be a sign that he only sees you as a hookup. He may not be interested in making you his girlfriend or pursuing a committed relationship. Instead, he just wants to have some fun. If you’re looking for something more serious, it’s important to set boundaries and communicate your expectations clearly.

12. He Consistently Fails to Introduce You As His Girlfriend

Not being introduced as a girlfriend by your partner can indicate a lack of commitment in the relationship. It’s important to feel like your partner is proud to be with you and wants to show you off to others. You deserve someone who’s proud to show you off and introduce you to their friends and family. So, take it as a sign, and don’t settle for less than you deserve.

13. His Actions Don’t Match His Words

If a man is really serious about pursuing a relationship, he’ll show it with his actions. Does he make promises he never keeps, like saying he’ll take you on a weekend trip but then never follow through? Does he cancel plans at the last minute, leaving you hanging? Pay attention to what he does, not just what he says.

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Final Thoughts

These are some of the signs that you should look out for if you’re wondering whether or not a guy is serious about making you his girlfriend. By paying attention to the signs, you can save yourself a lot of heartache in the long run. Always remember that relationships are a two-way street, and both partners should be on the same page regarding their expectations and intentions.

If you’re looking for a long-term committed relationship, it can be hard to come to terms with the fact that someone you’re interested in might not feel the same way, but it’s important to communicate your needs and wants clearly and pay attention to his actions to know where you stand in the relationship. If he is not interested in pursuing a serious relationship, it’s best to move on and find your perfect match. Don’t waste your time on someone who isn’t willing to put in the effort to build a lasting relationship. You deserve someone who is committed to making you their girlfriend.

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